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During pre-competition training, many objectives can be attained with Endermologie™:

  • Increase and activation of the micro-circulation at the muscle and tendon level;
  • Circulatory activation in the muscle that has a detoxicating and draining effect and prevents the usual muscle strain linked to intensive training;
  • Muscular toning for improved muscular response;
  • Softening of adherent muscle envelopes (fascias) for an improved control of the technical sportive movement.

Immediately after effort, Endermologie™ will allow:

  • To delicately mobilize the most sensitive muscular zones;
  • To promote the evacuation of eventual swellings.

The following days, treatment allows:

  • To drain body of residual fluid accumulations at muscular level;
  • To improve the "healing context" in case of muscle or tendon tearing;
  • To soothe any remaining stiffness in the muscles.

For athletics, cycling, soccer, hockey, tennis... Amateurs and professionals all over the world recognize the benefits of this new approach, in term of performance increase and quicker recuperation


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