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From now on, it is possible to effectively activate lymph circulation, whether it is for a therapeutic or an aesthetic purpose. An accumulation of lymph fluid in a region is undesirable because it can cause variable physiological disorders that could have an impact on its function or on aesthetics.


  • Clears infiltrated areas and helps recovering exchanges, for example rheumato: "buffalo lump" at the bottom of the cervical spine;
  • Drains post-traumatic oedema and optimizes healing conditions for example traumato: ankle sprain;
  • Evacuates toxin and residue accumulations from a cellulitic area;
  • Helps drain heavy legs easily;
  • Drains post-surgical oedema (liposuction, face-lift).


  • Widely variable based on the nature of the problem to be treated;
  • We use LPG Endermologie and/or EUREDUC Vacuodermie & Pressodermie machines
  • Consultation required prior to treatment.