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Cellulite is a layer of trapped surface fat; it is an association of fat cells and of fibrous adherences.
Contrary to common beliefs, cellulite isn't an inflammation of the fat cell. It is an increase of its size that compresses the blood and lymphatic vessels.

This prevents efficient blood circulation and isolates this "energy stock", therefore preventing the body to access it and making exercise or diet less efficient.

The effectiveness of Endermology™ comes from its double action: the air aspiration activates the circulation while the rollers mechanically knead and soften the fibrous under layer of the skin.

With each passing session, the blood circulation improves and the fibrous skin layer becomes more supple. Therefore, the body can now tap in this "energy stock" through exercise (metabolic increase) or because of food intake control (decrease of daily calories intake).

The American Food and Drug Administration recognized that Endermology™ technique is "temporarily reducing cellulite appearance".

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