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  • 6 to 8 preparatory sessions of 25 minutes, twice a week;
  • 6 to 10 post-surgical sessions of 25 minutes, once or twice a week;
  • Protocol may vary depending on type of surgery;
  • Consultation required prior to treatment.

The Centre de Massodermie™ de Montréal was the first Canadian center to combine cosmetic surgery and Endermologie™.

This gained experience, as well as attending regular learning seminars in France, allows us to adapt and customize protocols for everyone's needs to get optimal results, within secure parameters.

Doctor Illouz, who invented liposuccion, recognizes the benefits of Endermologie™ and works closely with experimented therapists. In Montréal, Doctor Arthur Swift, Doctor Jean-Paul Bossé and Doctor William Papanastasiou work in cooperation with our clinic.

Endermologie™ preparation to surgery:

  • Softens fibrous skin and facilitates the passage and the handling of the canula;
  • Locally optimizes blood and lymph circulation to help minimize post-surgical oedema (swelling) and hematomas (bruises);
  • Prevents eventual adherence of the scars.


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